Updating synonyms

Sometimes you want your visitors to be able to search for a word or abbreviation that is common in your domain, but is of a foreign language or an abbreviation that is not found in the dictionaries of the language of your search. In these rare cases you can override the default search behaviour by adding a new synonym.

In the example case outlined below, we add a synonym for the abbreviation qed for the latin "Quod Erat Demonstrandum" to the German, French and English search. You can also add different synonyms for each language or only add them for certain of your languages.

After logging into the boxalino data intelligence, navigate to Semantic data, Synonyms in the menu on the left and add a new element:

Chose a unique name for your new synonym, and add it:

Define at least one source word and a matching destination and click on update:

As with any configuration change in the data intelligence it is not immediately applied to the production configuration and should be reviewed first, before you publish the change. Navigate to Actions, Files and click on check diff:

The difference should be limited to the changes you just did, in this example the new synonym:

If the configuration change looks as expected, you can close this tab and publish the current version.

The change will be picked up when your task processes are executed the next time.

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